Friday, July 3, 2009

I know I haven't posted in a long has been a very traumatic time for me. I mean, first Spring arrived, and that was bad enough. I don't like seasons to change...actually NOTHING should change, it makes me nervous and do crazy things which make me sick, which makes me more nervous. It is hard. Then, Misha disappeared and came back very sad and sick and with this weird contraption on his head. I had to temporarily grow up that day so I could take care of my big brother. Talk about hard! After that, just when I thought things were getting better, Summer had to arrive! What business does the weather have to change all the time?! I was really upset again. We went to watering holes, (which can be fun, but also get me upset) instead of going to the regular park across the street. It got HOT, and all these new curtains went up and made the house as dark as a dungeon, which also upset me. It was/still is too hot to go outside during the day...more upset... And then this EVIL metallic clanging contraption came out of the closet and..and...rotated and blew air on me!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and ran away until it was gone.

However, there have been some nice things happening since my last post. Everybody (the idiots) finally figured out what I want: to stay at home, EAT, get belly rubs all day long and walk the exact same trails in the same park twice a day. Yes, that is what a Bromley wants. Misha says this is an extremely stupid and boring way to live, and gets grumpy sometimes. I really don't understand him, he is way too complicated, but I love him anyway. Anywho, when life is perfectly steady and not a single thing changes, I am comfortable. I don't eat sticks all day long. I can walk through the whole park without a pacifier (except my baby strip attached to my leash). I also get fed about 2 cups of kibble 3 times a day, plus 2 slices of bread, my dentastix and weekly bone. Watch out! No one dares call me "little" anymore, I'm the not so lean mean Bromley machine! I have gone my whole life being hungry, people, and you all wonder why I couldn't chew my food before! Numbskulls!

What blog post could be complete without picies?!?

This is me being really sweet to Misha after his surgery.

This is me moping with Misha, like a good brother should.

Getting my belly rubs!

Hanging with Mish...he's still grumpy with his recovery, so of course he needs my cheering up!

Multi tasking! Yes, we can pose, be pretty and be on cat patrol all at the same time. We're so talented!

Misha is not allowed to run away, all the way to the other side of the beach. It was very bad of him. SO, this time I'm making sure to reel him in with my leash and take him where I go.

Sometimes big brothers can be annoying. I really didn't want to get wet!

Is Dad home yet?!?!

Belly rub pleeeeease!

Just bein' HANDSOME.

In case you want some more handsome!

Since I usually don't eat things I shouldn't anymore, I've been given a promotion! Box shredder! Woohoo! Now Misha can be lazy while I do all the work.

What do you think of my chipmunk imitation?

It's almost big enough for the both of us!

Ah, and after digging a good mud hole now to sleep in did it! Not me! Really! Just look at his face!

I like my Mom, she gives good hugs!