Sunday, January 10, 2010

And More Snow in our Big Front Yard

Big Front Yard, aka the Park, and Bromley is zooming through its Snow in 2010!

Mom keeps saying there are more sniff spots than one. She just doesn't understand.

My regular twice daily trail is so much more interesting covered in white..

Who can wait for a straggling Misha?

What?!?! We already had this discussion, remember?

Yes, it really is the only spot of importance at this moment.

I's got sticky. Please don't interrupt.

I said don't interrupt!

Ya, I took posing lessons from big bro.

Ok, Mish, I'm posing, but what are *you* doing?

Failed posing..not my fault!

Ooh, doggies! Let's say hi!

I like it when someone pulls off the iceballs from my boots...

Wild Bromley field sighted!

This place tastes really good. Have you tried it yet?

Mom's favorite.

Eat snow, or run? I can do both!

Time to beat Mish up. Or try to.

I think he's winning.

I'm still stubborn and annoying. bout we just call it tie?

Always safe to pull the Cutes out!