Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas

Catchin' snowballs..

See how grown up I am? Chewing my bone...

..under the Christmas Tree...

..and telling Big Bro Mish it isn't quite time to open Pressies yet..

Well, ok, I couldn't help just one sniff myself.

Dad and I are best buds.

I got a squeaky Big Blue for Christmas! It says Jump on it. I know how to spell., nevermind.

Even More SNOW!

What?! It tastes good. You should try it. It's cheap. Economical. Green.

Waaaaaaaaaaa! Did you ever hear of the famous Charge of the Berner Brigade? It looked something like this.

Oh hi, I's just chewing a smiley stick.

Snow makes Bromleys happy.

Lots and lotsa Snow!

Watch out below! Not really sure where the snow breaks are!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More SNOW!

I is pretty, yeah?

Watch out for Wild Bromley on the left!

My sticky. I found it.

Shall we sing now?

Come on Dad, MUSH!

I is the big bad wolf of the woods...

Me and Mish show off our prettiest.

Racing in snow is what Bromleys were made for!

Gettin' Ready for the White Christmas

Me and Mish pose for the Christmas photos... I love my big bro.

But where, oh where, is the snow?!?! This is PATHETIC!

And came! Real snow! I was outside all day long looking for cats, racing in figure eights, and surprise attacking Misha.

Mom just *had* to put these silly collars on again.. I'll fix her and eat it.

Kissie for Misha!

Didn't I tell ya I'd take care of that collar thing?!

Misha sees something...

I don't, I got snow in my eyes.

Yes, if there is snow, a Bromley can run all day. ALL DAY.

Let's play Bite Face! I bet I can win!

And this was the last we saw of Mom and the Camera... Just kidding!

NOOOOOOOOOO, not the Evil Antlers again!

I is NOT amused, Mom. Where is the nearest Complaint Department.

CAT! Went here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Miscellaneous Fall Days

Just a bunch of stuff...

Box shredding with Mish...

I'm better at it than he is.

I want sticky in the park too!

Showing off my butt...

Uh, Misha did it...realllllly...


Just bein' my cute sweet self!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to ME!

My 2nd birthday!  Woohoo!  Does this mean I'm grown up yet??  And why does Mom keep getting out these stupid hats????  I don't like hats!

If that wasn't bad enough, then I got Misha on my case about actually having to KEEP the hat on.  Sheesh!  I mean, just look at his face.  He is really serious.  Apparently, if I don't keep my hat on, we don't get treats.  That would make Misha very upset...

...And trust me, you don't want to get Misha upset...

See, this is Misha when serious, but not upset.  Already pretty formidable.

So I kept my dumb hat on, then pouted, then fell asleep.  Some party this is.

But then Adventure came!  A Birthday Cat Patrol!

Hey, I even kept my hat on!!  Sorta.

Misha is such a show-off.

We got burger cakes at the real party, which made up for the dumb hat episode.


And Pressies, of course!  Extraordinary Bromley takes on Year 2!