Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Best Thing in My Life...

...just arrived this week!  Well, ok, it's the best other than cuddles, food, bones and walks, at any rate.  I got myself a doggie door! 

At first me and Mish weren't so sure about this whole weird idea of a door within a door. To us, this looked extremely stupid. The big door was, well, bigger, and therefore nicer. It stays open all summer long. Now we are supposed to squeeze through this cat hole? Something just isn't quite right here...

Are we sure he knows what he's doing???  Better supervise just in case...
Misha did not think the doggie door was a very good idea. He spent the next two weeks pouting through the window when Mom wouldn't open the big door for him.


I, however, (unlike Mr. Spoiled Rotten Pants) properly appreciate things. When people go through the trouble to buy and install a doggie door for me, I use it. I use it about 354 times a day... Cat hole indeed! How could Mish ever have called it such a thing! This is the best invention ever! Well, other than maybe an automatic treat dispenser. Hey, my birthday is coming up...

Anyhow, now I never have to hold my bladder, can sleep outside in the middle of the night, and go on cat patrol 24/7.  I am the happiest pupper in the world.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh, it's just all so exciting, where do I begin?? I've been growing up and having fun, woohoo! On August 23rd I celebrated my first forever home anniversary. Life is so much easier these days. Now that I've experienced all of the seasons in my new home everything is becoming so much more familiar and comfortable. Now I know that when the weather changes it doesn't mean something terrible is going to happen. I stay at home and do the same flopping on my back without notice in any location to beg for belly rubs, sit on Misha, eat breakfast on my bed and leave crumbs on it for Mom to clean up...all that sort of thing. The older I get the more a good boy I am. One of my previous posts touched on the subject, but I must reiterate (new fancy word I learned, see that Mish??): I am a GOOD BOY!

Me and my favoritest bud, big bro Mish, spend so much time together, we do everything in sync!

I can be so helpful too! It began to rain and blow, so I generously offered to hold down the tarp.

The new Berner Patio needed testing. Happy to oblige!

More testing. I always volunteer. Misha often won't, he says he's no guinea pig...whatever that is.

See what a good boy I am? I use my Puppy Potty! Ok, I won't when nobody is looking...sshh!

Cuddling with Mish! I adore my big brother and he adores me too. Yesterday he sat on me. That was nice, but he's a little too big for that sort of thing.

Did I mention Misha is big? Move over bro!

Hi, my name's Bromley. This is my bed and this is my box.

This is me in demo mode.

Mish and I just hangin' out on our new Berner Patio. The shade canopy needs some work. Miracle Gro?

We went on a Berner hike last weekend. I met this puppy and wanted to take him home sooo badly. Mom said no. I want a puppy! Booohooo!

Yes ladies, one handsome Berner boy here!

Oh well, I tried!

And that was yet another fantastic Bromley update! Hop on over to Misha's blog to see more picies!