Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow, my very own blog! This is too cool. Finally, I can do and say and sing and shout anything I want!

But first, a picture. What else?!

Ok, maybe two.

So, these have been portraits of just two things Bromley does best--eating sticks and racing!

I heard this week that we're getting a Christmas tree and I'm supposed to be Dasher and wear antlers. Misha says he's Santa and I have to pull his sled. What is up with that?!

More later!

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Misha, Bernese Philosopher said...

Yes, I will be Santa, because I'm the biggest and can actually say a "ho ho ho" that doesn't sound like an elf's immitation. Maybe when you're 3 years older and actually have a chest, you might be nominated for an advancement.