Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boyohboy, was Christmas vacation fun! First I got to wear antlers and got chicken every time I kept them somewhat on my head. Antlers=chicken=Bromley loves antlers!

I had to pose with Misha for awhile. We were very busy fighting over who looked stupider.

Chrismas morning we get presies! I had not expected this. I got lots of tennis balls, which I hoarded on my bed, and a new nylabone. I'm still working on the bone everyday.

Vacation was also extremely neat cause Dad was home all the time! I love to have Dad around, that's twice as many people to adore and entertain me.

A few days later it got reallly cold and everything froze in the park. I met one of my buddies and we had lots of fun romping around. Misha was such a dork, he just kept sniffing bushes. More play for me!

Lots more picies here!



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and very athletic. Have you considered a movie career?

Kim said...

You two look adorable in your Christmas hats!

Happy New Year!