Sunday, February 1, 2009

Really quick Sunday morning update before racing through the woods!!!

!MONDAY EDIT: This is what I looked like after racing through the woods later Sunday morning!

Yesterday was super neat. I went to the woods with my big brother and I behaved better than him! HAHA! There was this bad Goldie who was running around with no owner. I bothered her for awhile and then Dad called me and I came like a good boy. Me, GOOD BOY!

See me, Extraordinary Bromley, off leash in the woods! Woohoo!

I can also drink out of a water bottle. AND I got in the car right away while Misha just stood there like an idiot. Mom got mad at him when he sat his butt in the dirt and wouldn't budge. I always get in the car, it means lunch comes sooner!

And I'm also good at leaning for cuddles and usually knocking everything and everyone over while doing it.

I've been so busy! More later!

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