Monday, February 16, 2009

A Sunday Morning Story

by Extraordinary Bromley

Once upon a Sunday morning I was bored and wanted food. I told Misha about a grand plan to wake Dad up extra early so we could go to the woods as soon as possible. Misha said, "Bromley, you do have your uses sometimes, let's go." And so we fought over who would climb the staircase first. I won.

We jumped on the bed and bounced around. I licked Dad until he woke up. I'm sure he liked it. When he started to complain and fall asleep again I pawed him awake.

Then Misha fell asleep because he's a doofus and forgot all about the grand plan. Yawn! Maybe I got up too early!

But sleeping in on a Sunday morning just wouldn't do, so I started kicking everyone awake again. Misha retreated to the other side of the bed to continue snoring... I focused on Dad...

...and then fell on the floor. The End.


Anonymous said...

Love the full mouth shot, Bromley. I hear that black spots on the roof of the mouth are a sign of intelligence.

Lynn said...

We may want to compare Monty and Brom's pedigrees. I think they might be related.

Extraordinary Bromley said...

I AM really smart, but..shh! Don't want that to get out...then everyone will expect me to listen all the time, yikes!

I just looked in Misha's mouth. He has more black spots. Humph.

Jaime said...

I looked at Monty's direct relations to speak of, but they certainly have a few things in common!