Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to ME!

My 2nd birthday!  Woohoo!  Does this mean I'm grown up yet??  And why does Mom keep getting out these stupid hats????  I don't like hats!

If that wasn't bad enough, then I got Misha on my case about actually having to KEEP the hat on.  Sheesh!  I mean, just look at his face.  He is really serious.  Apparently, if I don't keep my hat on, we don't get treats.  That would make Misha very upset...

...And trust me, you don't want to get Misha upset...

See, this is Misha when serious, but not upset.  Already pretty formidable.

So I kept my dumb hat on, then pouted, then fell asleep.  Some party this is.

But then Adventure came!  A Birthday Cat Patrol!

Hey, I even kept my hat on!!  Sorta.

Misha is such a show-off.

We got burger cakes at the real party, which made up for the dumb hat episode.


And Pressies, of course!  Extraordinary Bromley takes on Year 2! 

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