Friday, December 25, 2009

Even More SNOW!

What?! It tastes good. You should try it. It's cheap. Economical. Green.

Waaaaaaaaaaa! Did you ever hear of the famous Charge of the Berner Brigade? It looked something like this.

Oh hi, I's just chewing a smiley stick.

Snow makes Bromleys happy.

Lots and lotsa Snow!

Watch out below! Not really sure where the snow breaks are!


Bernese Mountain Dogs said...

Beautiful dogs!
I love that head shot in the snow! I can see they have had great fun out on their walk.I really enjoyed your Blog a lot!
Best wishes from Cathy
Scotland UK

Anonymous said...

Hi just found your blog.
Which park were you in. Looks lovely.

Nicole Berner said...

What a beautiful shot of these two dogs. It looks like they're really having fun playing in the snow. They're just like kids. Lovely.

Locksmith Bromley said...

Amazing pictures, you must be so pround of them :)