Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gettin' Ready for the White Christmas

Me and Mish pose for the Christmas photos... I love my big bro.

But where, oh where, is the snow?!?! This is PATHETIC!

And came! Real snow! I was outside all day long looking for cats, racing in figure eights, and surprise attacking Misha.

Mom just *had* to put these silly collars on again.. I'll fix her and eat it.

Kissie for Misha!

Didn't I tell ya I'd take care of that collar thing?!

Misha sees something...

I don't, I got snow in my eyes.

Yes, if there is snow, a Bromley can run all day. ALL DAY.

Let's play Bite Face! I bet I can win!

And this was the last we saw of Mom and the Camera... Just kidding!

NOOOOOOOOOO, not the Evil Antlers again!

I is NOT amused, Mom. Where is the nearest Complaint Department.

CAT! Went here!

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